PV Communications, Inc.

PV Communications, Inc.   |  Integrated Graphic Communications

Online Fulfillment   |   Access Granted

Our web-based, password protected fulfillment sites offer the most comprehensive tools for the distribution and management of sales literature and other marketing materials. Having the ability to access and order important communication materials 24/7 means there is always a way to get sales literature into the hands of your customers and prospects.

Fulfillment Services   |  Instant Access

Our goal is to help you to sell more of your products or services using our comprehensive fulfillment program that offers the following:

  • Warehousing and Inventory Management
  • Literature Fulfillment Services
  • Shipping/Mailing Services
  • Retail Display Kitting
  • Online Tracking and Reporting

Online Tracking   |   Reporting for Duty

Staged run-out email notifications and real-time inventory reporting empowers your sales managers with the tools to minimize out-of-inventory situations. In addition, cost managers can see real-time usage information thus allowing them to make important cost savings decisions.

  • Inventory Status
  • Staged Reorder Notification
  • Requestor By Item
  • Items By Requestor Report
  • Backorder reports
  • No usage 6 months
  • Usage By Item Report
  • Last Date Request Report
  • Suggested Reorder Summary
  • Shipped Materials Cost Summaries
  • Custom Reporting